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Name:Icon Style Challenge Community
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Community description:An icon challenge community interested in style, not content
Welcome to icon_style, an icon challenge community interested in style, not content. The community was created by [personal profile] kerravonsen, and is modded by [personal profile] kerravonsen and [personal profile] yvi.
A lot of icon-challenge communities are fandom-specific, and while that's good, if one is interested in other subjects as well, those tend to get neglected.
This icon-challenge community is about stretching our creativity by giving challenges based on some style or technique, without saying what the icons have to be about. Icons can be from any fandom, or non-fandom, or whatever. I just ask that they be "work safe" as far as the content goes.

This is not an intense challenge community; I know you have a life and want to do other things as well. So each challenge will be monthly, lasting for a fortnight.
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