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Drumroll please! The results of Challenge #3: Art For Art's Sake are:
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Thank you, everyone!

I've also revealed the entries in the challenge entry post.

Now, discuss! The joy, the pain, the techniques...
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Here is the voting for Challenge #3 "Art for Art's Sake".
There were 27 entries, and some people did indeed take advantage of the "no limits to number of entries" for this special occassion.
Voting is now closed!
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You can vote if you're a member of this community. It goes without saying that you can't vote for your own icons. The voting will go on for a week; that means it will end on the 22nd (or the 21st, for those of you on the other side of the date-line from me).
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Welcome to our third challenge, "Art for Art's Sake". In honour of [ profile] naarmamo, the theme for this month is "art". The icons made must look like sketches, paintings, drawings, cartoons, art of some particular style -- these can be actual sketches etc, or images which have been processed to look as if they're particular kinds of art. This includes any writing: all text must look as if it is part of the "painting". For example, something that looks like a pencil sketch, if it has writing, it should look as if it's handwritten in pencil; that kind of thing.

This challenge is now closed!
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In short:
Due 14th August, post entries here, don't show them elsewhere.


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