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The results of Challenge #2x02, Talk Slow are:
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Thank you, everyone!

I've also revealed the entries in the challenge entry post.

Now, discuss!
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Sorry for the delay, folks!
Very few entries this time. I suppose you thought that text animation was too hard. (sigh)

This is the voting for Challenge #2x02, Talk Slow.
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Talk low, talk slow, and don't talk too much.
-- John Wayne

Welcome to challenge #2x02, "Talk Slow".
For this challenge, each icon you make must have animated text in it. However, the further challenge is to do the animation so that the speed of the animation is slower than the default. Even better, if you can have more interesting things happen, like some parts of the animation being at a different speed than others. Don't forget that the icons still need to fit within the 40K size limit for user icons.

more and rules and dates )
In short:
Due 23rd of June, post entries here, don't show them elsewhere.

If you know any good tutorials for this challenge, please post a link.

And please pimp this far and wide!

Also, if you have any ideas for challenges you would like to see, don't hesitate to suggest them. No, I'm not running out of ideas, but feedback is good.


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