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The 6-way-tie on question 2 has finally been broken :D I hereby present you the winners of challenge 2x14 "We Ain't Square":

Winners )

Thank you, everyone for participating and voting! The vote was incredibly close this time. I have now revealed the entries in the challenge entry post.

Now, discuss! How did you make your icons? Techniques, tips, difficulties?

Also, I would like o know what you think about banners for the challenge winners? I would be willing to try my hand at them for the next rounds.
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Hello everyone,

I was going to post the results for challenge 2x14 today, but unfortunately, with so few votes there are too many ties. If you haven't already, please go over to this post and vote - it won't take much time :)
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Heya everyone, this is the voting for challenge 2x14, We Ain't Square

10 entries from 4 people:

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Welcome to challenge #2x13, "We Ain't Square". I hope this is going to encourage a few people to participate :)
For this challenge, each icon you make must not be completely square - it can be circular or have the edges "taken off". What you do with the "taken off" corners is up to you - make them white, black, transparent, however you'd like.

more and rules and dates )

In short:
Due September 19th, post entries here, don't show them elsewhere.

If you know any good tutorials for this challenge, please post a link.

And please pimp this far and wide!

Also, if you have any ideas for challenges you would like to see, don't hesitate to suggest them in the suggestions post. We want to present challenges that YOU want to be challenged by.


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