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Welcome to challenge #2x09, "A Word Is Worth a Thousand Pictures". After last month's "A Picture Paints a Thousands Words", we are going to do the opposite: text icons.

For this challenge, each icon you make must only include words and a very subtle background (a gradiant, a very faded image).


Go crazy with your favourite quotes, song lyrics or jokes! Make the text prominent and readable. (Icons may also be animated)

1. From one to four icons can be submitted.
2. You have two weeks to submit the icons; that is, they are due on 21st of April.
3. Icons will be submitted in comments to this post. All comments will be screened, to preserve anonymity.
4. As soon as I can after the21st of April, I will make a voting poll here. People will then have three days to vote.
There will be two sections in the voting: (a) "Best embodiment of style"; this you vote for whichever icon you think demonstrates the style/technique of the given challenge (b) "I just like it"; where you vote for whichever icon you simply like the best.
5. You are required NOT to post your icons anywhere public until after the voting is over, so as to preserve the anonymity of the entries.
6. When the voting is over, I'll announce the winners here. Discussion of the challenge will be encouraged, especially discussion and demonstration of techniques used. The entries will also be un-screened.

In short:
Due 21st of April, post entries here, don't show them elsewhere.

If you know any good tutorials for this challenge, please post a link.

And please pimp this far and wide!

Also, if you have any ideas for challenges you would like to see, don't hesitate to suggest them in the suggestions post. We want to offer challenges that YOU want to be challenged by.


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